Fedora, Princess Fedora

A Russian princess, a murdered fiancé, fatal misunderstanding, poison… count me in ! As a rarely performed verismo piece in the opera repertoire, how was I to pass up my chance to see such a tempestuous treat as Fedora ?! While Umberto Giordano may not be as well-known a composer as Verdi or Puccini, his glorious melodies were worthy of all the passion and praise heaped onto his compatriots.

Sonya Yoncheva in a promotional photo for David McVicar’s new production of Fedora / Metropolitan Opera

Once again, the Met’s new Fedora was a David McVicar production, which initially evoked a stifled yawn from me. Lately, his productions have been starting to look the same and I was in no humor for a repeat. Surprisingly kept traditional and set in the early 1880’s, the sets and costumes (and jewels !) were over the top in opulence, especially Brigitte Reiffenstuel’s gowns with their copious displays of bustled satin skirts and cuirasse bodices. Boredom ? What boredom ?!

A scene from Fedora / Metropolitan Opera

The singers themselves were fine; Sonya Yoncheva and Piotr Beczała were a verismo power couple with comedic blips from Rosa Feola and Lucas Meacham. But while the visual glamours and vocal displays were enlivening, my favorite part of the performance occurred during one of Giordano’s masterful orchestral interludes when Fedora reunited and danced with her deceased “ghost” fiancé in her Parisian apartment. Perhaps that was a theatrical invention on McVicar’s part, but the powerful combination of tender passion and heartrending music gave me trouble in preventing sooty tears from streaming down my cheek. Enchanting !!

Piotr Beczała as Loris Ipanoff and Sonya Yoncheva as Fedora / Metropolitan Opera

“The name’s Fedora… Princess Fedora.” I have my dear friend, Faith, to thank for the inspiration for my outfit. A few years ago on my birthday, Faith gifted me with the most gorgeous beaded rhinestone appliqué belt. My eyes were dazzled at its sight and the thoughts of rich ball gowns waltzed through my head. Unfortunately, many metal-plated settings tarnish to pewter with no auxiliary assistance and so in order to not be disappointed by a lackluster embellishment, I let the belt sit unattended for over two years to “test” its mettle (and metal ─ ha !). The result was encouraging; not a single change came to its patina during its prescribed indolence. Its time to shine was now.

Because the gown on which I was to use the belt was to be a tribute of thanks to Faith, it had to be royal blue, no question ! Faith’s favorite color is blue. The satin was ordered months in advance. However, I did not begin work on the dress until nearly three weeks before the opera ! Fortunately, through Tatiana Kozorovitsky’s detailed lessons in her Dressmaking Academy, I was not in a panic since I knew the secrets of cutting and sewing couture gowns with marked celerity. This endeavour proved no different, although I was exceedingly pleased with the fit of the bodice in comparison to past gowns I’ve made. Experience really does help !

A cold front rendered the need for a coat and boy, did I have a pretty one ! This vintage fur-trimmed, gold and cream brocade coat was bought years ago at a resale store.

Cheap white gloves (Walmart’s finest), and an economical crown bought on Amazon made me feel like the regal princess I intended.

I told my mother that I wanted my hairstyle to look like one of Kate Middleton’s elegant chignons…

Not bad !

Thank you, Faith, for the most beautiful inspiration piece ! It made my gown absolutely perfect. Feeling like an imperial princess of the surest nature, I was able to surrender to all the charms and passions of the performance. Isn’t that what opera is about, anyway ?

Toi, Toi, Toi,

Mary Martha

Cast and Credits:

Fedora ─ Umberto Giordano (1898)
Live in HD air date: January 14, 2023

Fedora ─ Sonya Yoncheva
Loris Ipanoff ─ Piotr Beczała
Olga ─ Rosa Feola
De Siriex ─ Lucas Meacham

Conductor ─ Marco Armiliato
Production ─ David McVicar
Set Designer ─ Charles Edwards
Costume Designer ─ Brigitte Reiffenstuel
Lighting Designer ─ Adam Silverman
Movement Director ─ Sara Erde
Live in HD Director ─ Gary Halvorson
Host ─ Christine Goerke

12 thoughts on “Fedora, Princess Fedora

  1. This has to be one of my favorite gowns that you’ve designed! So elegant with the coat and crown. And that belt!!! Just perfect!
    I think royal blue is definitely “your color”.
    Thanks for sharing your latest opera adventure.


  2. Good Morning Mary Martha,

    Thank you for sharing this splendid “review”. Your ensemble is glamorous and the belt is indeed opulent, fit for a princess! Love the hair style and fur trimmed coat also. So glad you enjoyed Fedora, even during the cold front.

    Altogether lovely!

    Blessings on your New Year! So glad your Dad joined us for Christmas Day dessert and visit.

    “Miss Jo”


  3. Mary Martha, I am always amazed at the lovely creations you put together. Truly the blue fabric is such a rich color and the style is simple and elegant. Tell you Mom she did a great job with your pretty hair too!
    thank you for continuing your projects.
    Judy Cleaves


  4. Mary Martha, I’m always looking forward to every MET opera via HD in local movie theatres …and to see what wonderful /dresses each opera has inspired you to create. I have never been disappointed. You looked as royal as Princess Fedora herself. Your taste and professional sawing skills a fabulous! – Some years back, truthfully 50 some, I used to saw of my clothes, and some for my little girls as well. — You have over a month for Wagner’s Lohengrin! In anticipation, Piryjo Restina


  5. Mary Martha, I think this your most pulled-together, elegant look to date. The cost and gloves are part of the timeless look. Did you see that Florida’s First Lady wore gloves to the Inauguration recently? Bring back the gloves!! Please remind me to tell you an important crowns story (or two) when next we meet.


  6. Mary Martha, this is a very good, very fun piece; I’ve been reading lots of reviews about the show and yours is really refreshing, being focused more on the role that the costumes themselves play. And your outfit was stunning, well done! I played the part of Vladimiro in this production, so I really liked hearing how moved you were by the interlude– it gets me every time, and I’m sure that if I were on the other side of things, sitting in the house, I’d be crying too! Sir David McVicar is a director who really cares about the work, and although no artist gets it right every time, no one could ever fault him for a lack of trying to bring his best work to every show. And Brigitte Reiffenstuel– WOW WOW WOW🥰
    All the best,
    Patrick Cann

    Liked by 1 person

    1. WHAT ?!?! I am speechless ! A celebrity commenting on MY blog ?! Wow, I am overwhelmed. I have to say, your scream of abject pain while being attended to behind the backdrop was piercingly phenomenal. Bravo and thank you !


  7. Another lovely creation again capturing the essence of the opera in one fell swoop, MM ! Your attention to detail never ceases to amaze me. Loved the beautiful color of the dress & the coat was the icing on the cake. Kate Middleton eat your heart out ! Bravo for another huge success.


  8. Mary Martha, I don’t know if you get these emails. I will also write to your regular email. I can’t imagine how anyone finds such a treasure as the belt. It was beautiful. I’m sure you will find another use for it in the future. And the coat, one of a kind.Beverly


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